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Primavera/Estate – 2 haïkaï films

The Cinéma Fragile Haiku series is a minimalist cinema attempt to reach with moving images the expressive power of the japanese poetry form. They are not adapted from an already written poem, but genuine haikai made with a camera.

The general spirit is very close to Cartier Bresson’s way of « understanding with eyes » : filming with a Haiku structure unveils without words some sensitive aspects of the human organization and activities in urban environments.

Cinéma Fragile is currently editing a feature version of the Haïkaï series



Si tu écris une chanson

35 min – Fiction – 2018

Visto, sentito & filmato a Roma / Vu, entendu & filmé à Rome / Seen, heard & shot in Rome

English, Italiano & French subtitles: