Unspoken – sans paroles

Vietato fare lo shampoo @ Laceno d’Oro #43

Official selection in Doc Competition : lacenodoro.it

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Primavera @ Nomadica

Breakfast & Screening Nov 3rd, 2018

Weekend with the dead @ Spazio Menomale Bologna


Primavera/Estate – 2 haïkaï films

The Cinéma Fragile Haiku series is a minimalist cinema attempt to reach with moving images the expressive power of the japanese poetry form. They are not adapted from an already written poem, but genuine haikai made with a camera.

The general spirit is very close to Cartier Bresson’s way of « understanding with eyes » : filming with a Haiku structure unveils without words some sensitive aspects of the human organization and activities in urban environments.

Cinéma Fragile is currently editing a feature version of the Haïkaï series


Il se passe trop de choses chez les hommes


( english text below )

Inspiré par un poème de Sôseki, dans le roman Oreiller d’herbes :

Assis seul en silence
J’aperçois une lueur au fond de mon cœur
Il se passe trop de choses chez les hommes
Comment pourrais-je oublier ce monde intérieur ?

J’ai par hasard obtenu une journée de sérénité
J’ai compris cent ans d’agitation
Où pourrais-je garder cette nostalgie lointaine ?
Sinon dans le ciel vaste où règnent les nuages blancs

The film is inspired by a short poem in the novel « Kusamakura », by Sôseki:

Seated alone in silence
I can see a shaded light within my heart
Too many things happen amongst humans
How could I forget this inner world?

By chance I was bestowed a serene day
I understood a hundred years of turmoil
Where will I keep this distant nostalgia?
If not in the vast skies where white clouds reign

Authors statement :
The film is – as the poem that inspired it – a search of serenity. But with images teaming with life amongst humans, even when all seems quiet. Sound is always direct. Images caught on location. No dialogues or actors. We aim to suggest more with less : some might call it minimalist cinema, we call it cinéma fragile.
No dialogues / English or french text