An interview for Marfici film festival

About Aurelia, screened @ Marfici 2016 :

– Which were the motivations to carry out this project?

Katia’s father migration from Italy to France was part of the family legend : she was familiar to his childood feelings during his trip. We went out looking for these emotions. We wanted to find out if some traces of this peculiar past could remain in the present that we know. In other words: if the past and present could talk together

– How did your experiences link with the paternal account? 

We wanted to film like a child who discovers the world, looking at the landscape passing by the car window. We thought it was necessary to come closer to Franco’s experience and sensations. The film was made in one continuous movement, with renewed wonders and surprises at every stop.

At first we wrote a lot of voiceover texts to link our experience to Franco’s : then during the editing, we realized that the strongest connection we could find was the timelessness sideration experienced by all travellers : the images that pop up all of a sudden along the road, and make your heart jump.

So most of the words went away, and the film filled with sun. This sun was like the expectations of the traveller about his destination : you always dream of something better than what you leave, in a way.

– What contrasts appeared in the encounter between those experiences?

First, the via Aurelia has been traveled by thousands of people since ancient times: what became obvious while we were staring at the present looking for traces from the past, is that the same situations keep repeating forever. Only people are changing : those who head for a new destination today will be replaced tomorrow by others.

And second : the landscape is a direct result of the collective consciousness of the moment. It shows clearly what are the dreams and hopes of the inhabitants and passengers. We are firmly convinced that you can understand how things work just by looking around you.

All this bright lights, kid games, and sunny seashores we saw along the road looked like a fragile dream waiting for some great disruption.

And then you realize that it’s always been the way the world goes, precisely.

Mar del Plata, August 2016



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