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laterale_film_festival Apolidi – 2020 – Katia Viscogliosi & Francis Magnenot (Italy, France)

Pasolini understood that cinema and life share the same audio-visual alphabet. But where Life is lacking, Cinema can be searched (and found) everywhere. In empty streets, where nobody feels at home, where human voices mix with the sound of cicadas, where the corners of buildings meet the blue. Cinema can be made on the path, on a bench or from a terrace, focusing on small facts, and looking for an idea in the words and pages of others. Passenger among other passengers, this cinema follows a route coming from the sky. And it looks towards the sky, with fragile tools, with a vigorous fervour, so similar to daisies and mallows popping from a rough road near the Accatone house. This cinema searches for a home in this very night, looks for a way to combine the frames, seeks order in this stupid century. A cinema projected onto the street, or sitting besides us, alive.

Laterale Film Festival, September 13-14-15th 2021, Cinema San Nicola, Cosenza.



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Cinéma Fragile a été créé par Katia Viscogliosi & Francis Magnenot.

Leurs films prolongent l’intuition de l’instant*, attentifs à l’apparition de la beauté.

Cinéma Fragile was created by Katia Viscogliosi & Francis Magnenot.

Their films extend the intuition of the moment*, attentive to the appearing of beauty.

* Gaston Bachelard

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